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Rose Pest Solutions Blog

What Pests Are Trying To Tell You.

Every Pest Has A Story.




It's cause and effect. Whenever you find and identify a pest it's telling you a story, you just have to follow the evidence to find why it's there. In this video from Rose Entomologist Mark Sheperdigian, find out what the presence of pests is trying to tell you.

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Not All Stinging Insects Sting!




As families across the midwest continue to squeeze every last drop of The Great Outdoors from Summer before shifting their sights to Mother Nature’s Fall delights, Rose Pest Solutions  - offers these insights on bees and wasps to help keep the sting out of the waning warm weather.

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Controlling Filth Flies Indoors




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Filth flies are among the most frustrating pests of food-handling establishments. It’s not hard to understand why when you consider a single fly can grab the attention of everyone in the room and constitute a health concern in the process. In this post, Rose Entomologist Mark Sheperdigian describes the challenges and solutions for controlling filth flies in your home or business.

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Partnering With Local Apiaries To Protect Pollinators




Rose Pest Solutions has teamed with local apiaries in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana to protect honey bees and other pollinators. 

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