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What Pests Are Trying To Tell You.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

It's cause and effect. Whenever you find and identify a pest it's telling you a story, you just have to follow the evidence to find why it's there. Effective pest control is all about eliminating the reason the pest has taken up residence in the first place. Typical causes usually involve food, water, and shelter. Watch this video to learn more about what these pests could be telling you.


Today, we're gonna look at a few insects for storytime.

Let's say you spot a vinegar fly. This tells you that there's decaying organic matter around, most likely, fruit, or potatoes, or onions. You can find more information about Rose fly control here.

If you see a larder beetle larvae, they eat dried protein food.

If an Indian meal moth appears, chances are, there's a bunch of them in processed grain, potpourri, chocolate or pet food you have stored in your home.

A drain fly means you have a dirty drain or dried-out floor drain in the basement somewhere.

If you come upon springtails, it's a sure sign you have a water problem somewhere around the house, something's a little too moist.

Hope you don't have all these issues at your house, but if you do, at least you'll know what the story is with them.

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