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Rose Pros Answer: What Are The Signs Of Moles?

Friday, April 27, 2018

Moles are small mammals adapted to living underground. Their subterranean tunnels can destroy lawns. Once established in an area they can be very difficult to get rid of.

Moles are generally a solitary species that generally only come together to mate. So, even if the damage to your lawn looks like it is from a thousand moles, typically, it is only being caused by one or two moles. Moles are gray in color and small in size ranging from 5cm to 10cm in length. Since these pests spend their lives underground they have very small eyes that are hardly visible to humans. Their bodies are a cylindrical shape with a snout that comes to a point and they have paddle-shaped forepaws, ideal for tunneling.

mole emerging from tunnel on mound

What Are The Signs That I Have Moles In My Yard?

One of the main signs of moles is the vein like upward cracks running just under the surface of a lawn. These are the surface tunnels that moles use to den and travel. Another less common sign is the dirt mounds moles use to enter and exit their tunnel network. Homeowners with a mole problem also find parts of their lawn feel “spongy” when they walk on it. This is because the moles weaken the ground as they tunnel through it.

Mole Damage

Moles are carnivores that feed mainly on worms and grubs in the ground. As they search for food they damage the root systems of grass and other plants often killing them. Mole tunnels can also cause damage to concrete slabs, foundations, and driveways by weakening the soil base underneath them. 

How Do You Get Rid Of Moles?

The key to eliminating moles is to identify and treat the infestation early. There are many DIY treatments on the market which might work for a mild mole infestation. Rose Pest Solutions' wildlife removal technicians are trained to find and remove moles from your property. Our wildlife services provide fast, effective results and will be customized to your home and property’s unique needs.

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