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What Are Those Noises In The Attic?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Have you been hearing things in your attic? It’s just that time of year that rodents and wildlife will be seeking the warmth that your attic can provide, so now is the time to contact professional pest control. At Rose, we offer exceptional rodent control services and wildlife removal to help you combat the pests that want to take over your attic! Getting rid of these pests once they invade your home is important for a multitude of reasons; here are just a few of the most important reasons to evict those overwintering pests in your attic:

  • Pests like rodents and wildlife can damage your home’s structure. They may cause small holes in the exterior of your home to become larger and they will gnaw on timber, destroy insulation and drywall and chew on wiring, which can cause electrical fires.

  • Rat and mouse droppings can spread diseases to your family members and your pets. They are known to spread Hantavirus, bubonic plague, salmonellosis and rat bite fever. These diseases can all cause intense discomfort as well as death if not treated appropriately.

  • A small infestation of rodents can quickly become a large infestation because they have rapid reproduction rates. Ignoring a rodent problem will not make it go away; it will simply get worse until more damage is done and more rodents are running through your home.

  • Rodents that get into your food sources can contaminate it with their feces and urine as well spread bacteria and even fleas into your living areas.

As you can see, having these pests living inside your home is less than ideal. If you suspect you may have rats, mice, raccoons, squirrels or other pests inside your attic, you may be noticing these signs:

  • Scratching or squeaking

  • The sound of little foot steps

  • Large holes in the exterior

  • Animals climbing around your roof

  • Rodent droppings throughout your home

If you suspect you may be harboring pests in your attic, don’t wait! Call the pros at Rose Pest Solutions today for your first inspection. A Rose exterminator can locate the problem and evict the pests; they can also offer solutions to help eliminate the conditions that may be conducive to these pests so that you don’t have a problem with rodents and wildlife in your attic in the future. For more information on the rodent control services and wildlife removal solutions offered by Rose, please contact us today!

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