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Integrated Pest Management For The Home.

What is Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an environmentally friendly approach to pest control focusing on prevention rather than the routine application of pesticides.

Benefits of Integrated Pest Management

  • Reduce the number of pests
  • Reduce the number of pesticide applications
  • Save money
  • Protect property and health

Successful IPM programs use the following implementation approach:

1. Identify Pests

Proper pest identification:

  • Determines the best preventative measures
  • Helps reduce the unnecessary use of pesticides
  • Prevents the elimination of beneficial organisms

2. Prevent Pests

IPM focuses on prevention by removing conditions that attract pests, such as food, water, and shelter. Preventive actions include:

  • Reducing clutter
  • Sealing areas where pests enter the building (weatherization)
  • Removing trash and overgrown vegetation
  • Maintaining clean dining and food storage areas
  • Installing pest barriers
  • Removing standing water
  • Educating building occupants on IPM

3. Control Pests

Pest control is required if prevention is ineffective. IPM programs use the most effective, lowest risk options considering the risks to the applicator, building occupants, and environment. Control methods include:

  • Pest trapping
  • Heat/cold treatment
  • Physical removal
  • Pesticide application


Finding An IPM Practitioner In Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana

Before you begin your search for a pest control company in your area who practices Integrated Pest Management, make sure you understand what IPM is.  Remember you are looking for a comprehensive solution to your pest problem that includes inspection, identification, and treatment.

Tips for finding a pest professional who practices IPM

  • Contact neighboring businesses or schools for recommendations.

  • Make phone calls to local pest professionals to find out if they practice IPM.  ( Make sure their program is consistent with the description on this website.)

  • Solicit bids from several pest control companies.

  • Take your time making a decision.  Remember: you are paying for this service, so contact a company you can trust.

  • Before you sign a contract, be sure you fully understand the nature of the pest, the extent of the infestation and the work necessary to resolve the problem. Also make sure your pest control company of choice has liability insurance to cover any damages that might be incurred during treatment and find out what guarantees are given, what they cover and how long they last.

Learn more about Integrated Pest Management by watching this video from Pestworld.



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