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Ants (Carpenter)

How To Identify And Eliminate Carpenter Ants


What is a carpenter ant?

Carpenter ants have six legs, two antennae, and three main body parts. They are mostly black, with some reddish areas. You will typically see carpenter ants traveling together in large numbers, on invisible highways, in your grass, on your walkways, and inside your home. They have strong mandibles and use them to excavate their way through wood and wood structures to use it for nesting. Typically these ants are black, red or brown, or varying combinations of red and black. The workers in the colony can range between 1/8 to 1/2 an inch in length and the queen up to 5/8 inches in length.


How can I tell I have carpenter ants in my house?

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  • Sight - You'll see large black ants foraging in, on, and around your home.

  • Sawdust trails - Carpenter ants leave tell-tale signs in the form of small piles of sawdust - generally referred to as “frass”.

  • Sound - If you set your ear against the wall, you can sometimes hear them rustling inside.

  • Winged Ants - Carpenter ant swarmers can usually be seen foraging for food. A sure sign of a well-established colony usually seen when the colony is looking to establish a new colony.

Why do I have them?

carpenter ant colony will normally be established in decaying wood and only then will they move into more sound wood. It is fairly typical that if you discover a nest inside your home that it is a satellite colony that was started by a larger colony located somewhere outside your home. Ants prefer to be outside and the reason you will find them indoors is that they are foraging for food. Carpenter ants are very determined insects and will find many ways to get into your home - entering through eaves, door frames, window frames, plumbing, and utility lines.

Are they dangerous?

Carpenter ants are not usually known as biting insects, as the primary concern with these pests is always their capacity to cause structural damage to your home.

How do you get rid of carpenter ants?

Carpenter ants are particularly difficult to eradicate because they can have a network of many nests that are all interlinked. If one of the nests is missed in the treatment process then the ants can rebound and reform - that's why our carpenter ant program includes all the necessary inspections and treatments to eradicate your carpenter ant problems.

Can I do it myself?

Due to the complicated treatment process and the amount of time required to perform these treatments, carpenter ants are typically not a pest many homeowners have much success eradicating. Many do-it-yourself remedies to rid your property of carpenter ants simply do not work, as the chemicals they use are not effective. Remember – if misused or mixed improperly, pesticides can be very dangerous to people and pets.

Red and Black Carpent Ant

How soon can you get here?

Contact your nearest Rose Pest Solutions service center immediately for an appointment.
In many cases, we can respond within 24-48 hours.

Is the treatment safe?

Rose Pest Solutions follows very strict guidelines for the use of pest control products so that they pose no hazard to people, pets or plants. Every product we use has been checked and registered by the EPA and our highly trained service technicians will inform you of any safety measures that need to be taken.

How can I prevent this in the future?

Carpenter ant problems can be hard to prevent, as they are determined foragers. Continued vigilance and treatment as required are the usual steps.


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