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Rose Staff Entomologists

Rose Pest Solutions is committed to leading the Pest Management Industry by delivering the most professional, responsive, and innovative pest management services. In order to maintain this commitment, Rose Entomologists provide ongoing training programs for The Rose Technicians. This training provides the Rose Technicians with the skills and knowledge to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers.

In order to provide proper training to our technicians, we employee three Board Certified Entomologists. They are responsible for the continuous training of the Rose service technicians. In addition, The Rose Entomologists conduct in-house training programs for commercial, industrial and institutional businesses, as part of our fully integrated pest management programs. The Rose Entomologists, Mark Sheperdigian(VP of Technical Services), Mark Vanderwerp(Director of Education and Training) and Dale Hodgson (Technical Supervisor) are also asked to speak at various colleges and pest control associations.

Mr. Mark D. Sheperdigian, B.C.E. VP of Technical Services

Mr. Mark Vanderwerp, Manager of Education and Training

Mr. Dale R. Hodgson, B.C.E. Regional Technical Supervisor

Un-Bug a Friend

Un-Bug A Friend.

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Rose Pest Solutions bed bug canine

Our canine inspections have proven invaluable in the detection of bed bugs.

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