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Mosquito Abatement Programs

The Problem:

Mosquitoes have plagued man for ages and in addition to being a nuisance, they can also transmit many diseases, such as Encephalitis, Malaria, Yellow Fever, Dengue, and West Nile Virus. For example; mosquitoes become infected with West Nile Virus when they feed on infected birds that carry the virus in their blood. Infected mosquitoes can then transmit diseases to humans and other animals while biting them. Although we can't rid ourselves of mosquitoes completely, we can reduce our risks with sound environmental management and personal protection techniques.

The Solution:

Rose Pest Solutions isn't new to mosquito management. We’ve been treating mosquitoes for over 30 years. Rose can design a specialized Integrated Pest Management program for your commercial, industrial, or municipality that focuses on the environment and its relationship to your specific situation.

Rose Mosquito management programs may include:

  • Mosquito breeding site determination

  • Structural deficiencies that allow for a mosquito invasion

  • Larvicide application for immature mosquito management

  • Adult mosquito management


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Rose Pest Solutions uses proven strategies for the removal of nuisance birds from all types of structures. Rose programs are targeted to manage common pest birds such as pigeons, starlings, sparrows, seagulls, geese, and some less common pest birds. Our special service teams utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies and are experienced in many methods of pest bird removal including specialized exclusion, netting, trapping, scare tactics, and even relocation.

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Rose Pest Solutions bed bug canine

Our canine inspections have proven invaluable in the detection of bed bugs.

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