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How To Check For Ticks

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

With the threat of tick bites and the spread of Lyme disease on the rise, it is important to be vigilant when it comes to ticks.  Whether you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors or own pets, you will need to learn how to perform tick checks to protect yourself from any potential tick bites and tick-borne diseases.

Although Lyme disease is not associated with all tick species, the Great Lakes states have see an increase in black-legged ticks which are the species which can carry Lyme disease. The chances may be slim but if you are out in the woods or if you are traveling to an area known to have ticks with Lyme disease it is very important to be prepared. Here is a step by step guide to perform an effective tick inspection:

  1. Take off your clothing and place it in the the bathtub so that any ticks that may be attached to your clothing cannot escape.

  2. Run your fingers over your scalp to feel for any lumps that could be ticks.

  3. If you have long hair then comb through it with a fine toothed comb to catch any ticks hiding in the hair.

  4. Use a full length mirror or a hand-held mirror to inspect over the entire body for any black spots that could be ticks. If you do find a tick then carefully remove it with tweezers making sure to go slow and be sure not to leave part of the tick still latched onto the skin.

  5. If you do find a tick, swab the bite with a disinfectant after removing the tick.
  6. Next, shake out your clothing to be sure there are not ticks latched on. Then toss the clothes into the wash so that you can be sure to kill off any ticks that could have been hiding.

There is no need to avoid summer outdoor activities out of fear of a tick bite. With a little prevention and common sense, you have very little chance of contracting a tick-borne disease. Also, for your furry family members (cats and dogs), make sure they are protected with an effective tick treatment provided by your veterinarian.

If you have noticed an increase of tick activity on your property, Rose Pest Solutions can help. With our trusted home pest control services, you can maintain a pest free home and property all year round. For pest control service in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana, or to learn more about ticks in your area, please contact Rose today!

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