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Imagine a World Without Pest Professionals

Friday, April 1, 2022

April is National Pest Management Month and as the month nears its end, the pros at Rose Pest Solutions are taking a different approach to highlighting the importance of all pest management professionals - imagining a world without them. Spring is a time when many turn to pest professionals after coming across unwelcome pests who recently awoke from a long winter's nap. Yet, imagine the next time you encounter an Asian lady beetle, spider, or stink bug and there was nobody to turn to for help. 

Pest management takes on many forms, but its guiding principle has always been to protect the food, property, and health of humans and domestic animals. Without any form of pest management, bed bugs, cockroaches, filth flies, mosquitoes, rodents, and ticks pose a more significant health threat on both an individual and community scale. 

For instance, the following factors would go unchecked in a world without pest management professionals: 

  • Cockroaches and rodents are well-known for degrading interior environments by contaminating food and potentially causing respiratory problems and triggering allergic reactions. Without pest management professionals, keeping these pests out of homes, especially in underserved communities, would be no easy task. 
  • Biting pests may inflict unpleasant skin reactions – or, in the case of ticks and mosquitoes, be capable of spreading life-altering infectious diseases such as Lyme disease or West Nile Virus. Aside from helping to exclude and minimize these pests, pest management professionals can also provide suggestions for personal protection when going into environments where these pests are present. 
  • Boxelder bugs, centipedes, spiders, and stink bugs are considered nuisance pests and they can challenge a person’s mental health and sense of well-being, especially as people work from home. Without pest management professionals, peace of mind and education about these pests will not be easy to come by. 

Pest management professionals also play another role, they act as expert sources of information on topics that range from the promotion of pollinators crucial to the environment to serving as general experts that can answer questions about certain insects national pest management month logoand whether they are harmful. Rather than simply removing pests, pest management professionals help humans coexist and better understand all that is around them. 

Rose Pest Solutions differs from other pest management professionals in that they approach each situation knowing that no two pests are the same and use the expertise that stems from being family-owned and operated for more than 162 years with 4th generation family members working within the company. Employees have been trained to not push treatments when none are needed and tailor services around integrated pest management (IPM) to reduce conflicts between humans and pests. 

An integrated approach to pest management seeks to correct current pest issues by addressing the underlying root causes of the problem and the environmental conditions which are allowing the pests to thrive. Technicians are trained to inspect, assess, and develop a safe, cost-effective approach that caters to each client’s property. Rose offers services that may include: 

  • Visual interior and exterior inspections for nests and accessible openings for insects, rodents, or other pests. 
  • Recommendations for eliminating future pest problems in and around a client’s structure. 
  • The utilization of drones to inspect aerial entry points while keeping technicians safe from harm. 
  • Deployment of the largest bed bug canine team in the country that provides a safe and accurate method of detecting early bed bug infestations. 
  • Careful mechanical exclusion of bats, birds, and other larger pests whose nests may damage the structure. 
  • A support network of nationally recognized entomologists and technical specialists for tackling tricky situations tailored to the needs of both the client being served and the pests being managed. 

These also come with the company’s standard promise to provide additional visits, if needed, free of charge. 

If home and business owners wish to treat their property for pests themselves, DIY treatments, including demonstrations and tips, common spots to seal to keep out pests and insects, and the household items used to seal up the exterior openings around a property can be found here. 

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