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Ant Identification and Prevention, Saginaw Michigan

Monday, June 18, 2018


Art: Alright, let's talk about another one. And this is a big category, there are a million different kinds, ants. Inside, outside, all around the town. And this year they are on their cycle.

Mike: They are everywhere. We really battle a lot up here with ground-nesting little tiny ants and carpenter ants. Carpenter ants is a big one. Big black ants and if you look at them there
are some ground-nesting ants that look like carpenter ants but how you can tell is if they have yellow hairs on the back end of them, there are circles of yellow hair

Art: I don't get that close to them...

Mike: We do because there are ants species that some products work on and some products don't, so if we don't identify down to the species we might be wasting our material, our time and the customer's money. So it's important. There's a Pharoah ant out there, it looks like a ground-nesting ant but if you start spraying them they actually will split colonies
so instead of one colony, you'll have six colonies. And they'll separate and then you have a bigger mess on your hands. So it's really important to identify those

Art: So you have to identify them?

Mike: yeah.

Art: Carpenter ants, is that what, I mean, do they act like termites? I mean do they get in the wood will they start eating at it?

Mike: They're not going to necessarily, what they need is wood that is wet or has been wet. So they're not going to just go up to a regular two by four and start eating on it, it's usually, and that's why people usually see them around the kitchen sink or in their bathroom is because of the moisture level in there. They don't use it for nutrients like a termite does, they use if for nesting only. And that's why with a carpenter ant nest you will see saw dust spit out. With a termite, they digest that and then you see termite droppings. They will do the damage, but the damage is probably already done. And those are the ants that you will see one or two here and there even in the winter if there nesting inside the house.

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