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How To Prevent Bed Bugs

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Bed Bug Prevention: Mattress Cover & Bed Leg Interceptor.


Hi, I'm Shep one of the friendly board-certified Entomologists with Rose pest solutions

When it comes to preventing bed bugs, there are a couple tools you'll see regularly. One is the mattress cover. Special mattress covers do two things, they keep any bed bugs that are already on the mattress inside entombed so they can't get out and they can't feed on you, and if the mattress doesn't have bedbugs it can keep them out permanently. You have to use special mattress covers,  most mattress covers are too thin, can be fed through and they're also not tight so the bed bugs can escape.

Special mattress covers are made of fabric bed bugs can't bite through and are made with special zippers that are too fine for even the smallest bedbugs to escape.

Once fitted the mattress cover needs to be carefully closed so that bed bugs can't get in or out.

Another device is the bed-leg interceptor.

Bed-leg interceptors are small slippery cups that fit under the bed leg. Once the bed leg is in place the bedbugs can neither come from the bed or to the bed without passing through the very slippery cup. One of the things about bed bug traps is they either come in sticky more slippery.

We find slippery always works best.

Bed bugs have a tendency to stay away from the sticky things in life.

The outside has a rough edge that the bed bugs can get up and the little reservoirs are dusted with talcum powder, so they're stuck inside. Once in place, you have to make sure that none of the bed clothes or blankets touch the walls around the side so that the only way up for the bed bug is through the interceptor. Installing bed-leg interceptors is relatively easy, but there's a couple things to keep in mind. One, the interceptor goes right underneath the bed leg. Then bed bugs either leaving or heading to the bed get caught in the bed-leg interceptor. It's important to make [sure] that dust ruffles and other bed clothes don't touch the floor or that the bed doesn't contact the wall on the side to [make] sure that the bed bugs can only make it to the bed through the interceptor.

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