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Rose Pest Solutions Blog

Rose Pest Solutions Blog

Rose Pros Answer: What Are The Signs Of Moles?




Moles are a type of small pest that can cause big problems in peoples’ lawns and be very difficult to get rid of without the help of a professional mole control expert. Moles are a kind of rodent that seems to have been specifically adapted for digging and tunneling. The experts at Rose Pest Solutions would like to provide you with information about this species and the indicators they leave behind. So here we go!

Tags: mole damage  |  mole control  |  how to get rid of moles

How To Prevent Bed Bugs




Rose Board Certified Entomologist Mark "Shep" Sheperdigian presents two simple solutions for deterring bed bugs from taking up residence on your furniture, the mattress cover and the bed leg interceptor.

Tags: bed bug control  |  Bed Bugs  |  bed bug prevention

Protecting Pollinators

Rose entomologists save hive from home




Mark Vanderwerp holds the rescued bee hiveRose entomologists Mark Vanderwerp, Manager of Education and Training and Mark D. Sheperdigian, B.C.E. VP of Technical Services, paid a visit to a home with a large bee hive in the walls. The hive was successfully removed and the bees now happily reside in Vanderwerp's back yard.


Tags: bees

Detroit's Growing Mouse Problem




As a longtime Detroit pest control company we see the increased presence of mice, rats and other rodent activity in Detroit homes and businesses every year. 

Tags: mice  |  rodents  |  rodent exclusion

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