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Rose Pest Solutions Blog

Rose Pest Solutions Blog

Rose Pros Identify Deer Mouse vs. House Mouse




Did you know that there are typically two types of mice that are looking to invade your home? These mice include the deer mouse and house mouse. Although their differences may seem subtle to you, to a pest control expert, these rodents are quite easy to tell apart. Here are some helpful tips from the OH pest control professionals at Rose Pest Solutions to help you tell the difference when it comes to a deer mouse vs a house mouse.

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What Are Those Noises In The Attic?




Have you been hearing things in your attic? It’s just that time of year that rodents and wildlife will be seeking the warmth that your attic can provide, so now is the time to contact professional pest control. At Rose, we offer exceptional rodent control services and wildlife removal to help you combat the pests that want to take over your attic!

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Don’t Fear The Bed Bugs!




Many people hear the horror stories about people going on vacation and bringing home bed bugs and for some people, this has caused them to cancel travel plans! This is a bit severe, because although it is possible to pick up these pests when you spend time in commercial lodgings or when you use public transportation, as long as you know what to look for with signs of bed bugs, you can help protect yourself from these blood sucking pests.

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What To Do About Earwigs In My Home




The next time you venture out to your mailbox, have a quick look in the back. Are there little brownish red insects crawling around in there? If so, you may have earwigs in your mailbox and every time you bring the mail into your home, you could be bringing in earwigs as well. Because mail boxes are dark and sometimes damp, they can attract earwigs, but they aren’t the only place around your home where you’ll find these insects.

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