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Protecting Pollinators

Rose entomologists save hive from home




Mark Vanderwerp holds the rescued bee hiveRose entomologists Mark Vanderwerp, Manager of Education and Training and Mark D. Sheperdigian, B.C.E. VP of Technical Services, paid a visit to a home with a large bee hive in the walls. The hive was successfully removed and the bees now happily reside in Vanderwerp's back yard.


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How To Prevent Summer Stings




We get a lot of calls from people concerned about the stinging insects they find on their property. We are always happy to assist in the removal of stinging insect nests because our pest control technicians are trained to remove them safely so that these insects pose minimal threat to our technicians and they don’t find a way to relocate on your property. But beyond having the nests removed, our exterminators sometimes get questions about how to prevent having the insects nest on a property in the first place. Here are some tips from the pest control professionals at Rose Pest Solutions on how to prevent nesting stinging insects on your property and protect your family from summer stings. 

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