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Rose Pest Solutions Blog

Rose Pest Solutions Blog

Another Recession? Choose a Field Unbothered by Economic Woes

When the economy takes a tumble, someone must manage bugs, rats and other pests




Talk of a recession has been in the air for a few months now – giving some a flashback to The Great Recession, while others may experience anxiety for the first economic downturn in their brief working lives. However, what if there was a field of work untouched by economic recessions and even depressions? For individuals seeking employment, there is – the field of pest management.

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Rose Pest Solutions Seeks to Protect Homeowners Against Rodents

Ahead of Rodent Awareness Week, Rose Pest Solutions offers expert tips and services to minimize the chance of infestation




As the seasons change and temperatures drop, rodents across the Midwest will be vying for a cozy spot in people’s homes. Rose Pest Solutions is seeking to educate homeowners about this threat and help prevent infestation ahead of Rodent Awareness Week, Oct. 16-22. 

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Prevent Ants From Marching One-by-One into Homes This Summer

Rose Pest Solutions reminds families that ants are more than a nuisance pest




pavement antAugust is when many squeeze in time for last-minute summer fun - often accompanied by sweet and sticky food that is just as enjoyable for ants and other intrusive pests as it is for humans. To help prevent a post-cookout infestation, Rose Pest Solutions – the oldest pest management company in the nation - is reminding homeowners to be on the lookout for the various species of ants that dominate our region. 

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Tick Talk: How to Prevent Ticks

The nation’s oldest family-owned pest management company draws attention to the importance of tick awareness




As the temperatures increase, so does the resurgence of one of Mother Nature’s most pesky creations: ticks. Known to live in tall grass and wooded areas, several species of ticks, including the Lyme disease-spreading Blacklegged ticks, can pose a threat to homeowners, campers and outdoor adventurers alike. Rose Pest Solutions offers tick treatments designed to lessen the tick problem on your property so you can relax and enjoy your summer. 


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