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Prevent Ants From Marching One-by-One into Homes This Summer

Rose Pest Solutions reminds families that ants are more than a nuisance pest




pavement antAugust is when many squeeze in time for last-minute summer fun - often accompanied by sweet and sticky food that is just as enjoyable for ants and other intrusive pests as it is for humans. To help prevent a post-cookout infestation, Rose Pest Solutions – the oldest pest management company in the nation - is reminding homeowners to be on the lookout for the various species of ants that dominate our region. 

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Three Pest Control Secrets Your Exterminator Won't Tell You.




But we will! What do hot water, a drinking glass, apple cider vinegar, and a vacuum cleaner have in common? They can all be used to control pests. Find out how in this video from Rose Entomologists Mark and Shep.

key frame from pest hacks video

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Ant Identification and Prevention, Saginaw Michigan

Mike Rogers Talks Ants With Art Lewis On WSGW, Saginaw, Michigan




Rose Pest Solutions Saginaw Michigan manager Mike Rogers talks about the different species of ants, how to prevent them and how to get rid of them with Art Lewis on WSGW radio.

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Preventing Ants Is An Ongoing Task




People that complain about having ants in their homes usually know that this is an ongoing problem. If you had ants in your home last year, there’s a good chance you’ll have them again this year and you probably know it! A lot of people try little home remedies or old wives’ tales to get rid of these pests; rubbing lemon juice all over your counters and liberally coating surfaces with pine cleaner are some of these options, but unfortunately they won’t work. Not only do some of these DIY ant control attempts not work, they can actually make the problem worse.

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