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Rose Pest Solutions Offers Advice on Summertime Stinging Blues

Stinging insects can be dangerous; however, not all are aggressive 




yellow jacketDid you know? 

  • Stinging insects are responsible for over 160,000 emergency room visits each year. 
  • Only female bees and wasps are actually capable of stinging. 
  • Wasps feed on sweet liquids, and they can even get drunk after ingesting fermented liquids. 
  • Yellowjackets have a high level of aggression, especially in late summer, and will nest in the ground or higher up attached to a tree or structure. 

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Not All Stinging Insects Sting!




As families across the midwest continue to squeeze every last drop of The Great Outdoors from Summer 2019 before shifting their sights to Mother Nature’s Fall delights, Rose Pest Solutions  - offers these insights on bees and wasps to help keep the sting out of the waning warm weather.

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Inspect For Stinging Insects Before The Next Cookout




It’s almost the official warm weather season kick off. Memorial Day is right around the corner and this means it’s time to get the grill out and invite some friends over to enjoy the spring weather. But before hosting a great cookout, homeowners in Ohio and Michigan should be aware that stinging insects are back.

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Mild Winter May Lead To Larger Pest Populations During Spring Months




With northern states recording record highs this spring following a mild winter, pests are starting to appear earlier than normal. For residents in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana, the odd weather pattern has resulted in a low winter kill for some pests, which could lead to larger home infestations during the spring months. With the feeding, mating, and colonizing happening earlier this year, Rose Pest Solutions’ would like to offer some tips to help you plan for a pest-free season.

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