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Pest Hacks

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

What do hot water, a drinking glass, apple cider vinegar, and a vacuum cleaner have in common? They can all be used to control pests. Find out how in this video from Rose Entomologists Mark and Shep.

So today we're gonna play one of my favorites, it's called the Pest Hack game, Shep, can you tell us how it's played?

Well, Mark, under each of these three boxes are items you can find around the house that'll help you control some of the more common pests in your home.

Thanks, Shep, Let's start with box number one, This is something that'll

keep you out of hot water with ants and yellow jackets, What do you think it is?

It's hot water.

You take this, you pour it down the ant mound or the ground-nesting yellow jackets and voila, problem solved.

But be careful, It can be a life-altering experience if you're not careful.

True, Let's move on to box number two, now how do you get rid of those pesky, small fruit flies that hang around the bananas, the peaches, the plumbs, in the kitchen.

Put the fruit in a fridge! Do you really think there's a refrigerator under box number two? Be a mini-fridge.

Let's take a look. Its a glass.

We have some apple cider vinegar and just regular glass, we're gonna add these two together, so this is now, a baited glass that will attract small fruit flies.

All we need is to add a funnel, and you can make one out of paper and tape, and now the flies can go in but they can't come back out.

And now we're on to box number three and it's a big one.

So box number three will take care of those spiders, ants, beetles, stink bugs, all sorts of things like that, this hack really cleans up.

Well, let's talk a look, of course!

Wow, that looks like a vacuum cleaner.

With a little bit of suction, you can suck up all kinda insects just that easy, if you don't want them in your vacuum cleaner, take out a simple knee-high

nylon, insert thusly, into the corrugated hoes of death, we have a pest filter.

Hay easy, easy.

Brilliant Shep, now don't forget to get behind the chairs over there will ya?

Thanks, out she comes, there's all your pests, we just tie this up and clean as a whistle.

Well, think that does it for this time, we'll see you next time on the Pest Hack game.

But it's not really a game.

I, it really is.

But the pests don't think its a game.

They didn't know what was under the boxes.

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