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Rose Pest Solutions Blog

Rose Pest Solutions Blog

Tick Prevention

Rose Pest Solutions Offers Tips to Prevent Getting Ticked In Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.




As the summer outdoor season ramps up and families head to their backyards, cottages and nature trails, tick exposure skyrockets throughout Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. Known to live in tall grass and wooded areas, several species of ticks, including the Lyme disease-spreading Blacklegged ticks, can pose a threat to homeowners, campers and outdoor adventurers alike. Dale Hodgson, Rose Pest Solutions B.C.E. Regional Technical Manager in Ohio gives some handy tips to keep the ticks off you, your family and your pets.

Tags: black legged ticks  |  deer ticks  |  tick bites  |  ticks  |  tick prevention

Ant Identification and Prevention, Saginaw Michigan

Mike Rogers Talks Ants With Art Lewis On WSGW, Saginaw, Michigan




Rose Pest Solutions Saginaw Michigan manager Mike Rogers talks about the different species of ants, how to prevent them and how to get rid of them with Art Lewis on WSGW radio.

Tags: ants  |  carpenter ants  |  saginaw

Rose Pros Answer: What Are The Signs Of Moles?




Moles are a type of small pest that can cause big problems in peoples’ lawns and be very difficult to get rid of without the help of a professional mole control expert. Moles are a kind of rodent that seems to have been specifically adapted for digging and tunneling. The experts at Rose Pest Solutions would like to provide you with information about this species and the indicators they leave behind. So here we go!

Tags: mole damage  |  mole control  |  how to get rid of moles

How To Prevent Bed Bugs




Rose Board Certified Entomologist Mark "Shep" Sheperdigian presents two simple solutions for deterring bed bugs from taking up residence on your furniture, the mattress cover and the bed leg interceptor.

Tags: bed bug control  |  Bed Bugs  |  bed bug prevention

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