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Rose Pest Solutions Blog

Rose Pest Solutions Blog

How To Prevent Your Kids From Bringing Bed Bugs Home From College.

How to keep your kids from bringing home more than dirty laundry from college.




preventing bed bugs in dorm rooms

College dorm rooms are the perfect environment for bed bugs to thrive. Here are some tips to help your college-bound kids come home bed bug-free.


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Reasons Why You May Have Roaches




Yuk! Roaches! How did I get these in my house? They're in the back of the drawers. They're in the corners of the garage. They're even in the food cabinets! They're everywhere!

Tags: cockroaches  |  cockroach infestation  |  how to get rid of roaches

Where Bed Bugs Can Be Found + How To Prevent Them




Bed Bugs. Yuck! Everyone shivers at the mention of these infamous sleep disturbing creatures. Are they real? Yes, they are a very real bug. Where do they hide and what can be done to prevent them?

Tags: Bed Bugs  |  bird control tips  |  bed bug prevention

Why Mosquitoes Are One Of The Most Dangerous Animals In The World




Mosquitoes are obnoxious little biters. They crash our picnics and our BBQs and pretty much any other outdoor activity we enjoy in the summer. During hot summer days, we don’t typically notice mosquitoes until dawn and dusk. This is the time that mosquitoes come out in droves, looking for a little snack. Female mosquitoes are the only ones that bite- they need our blood to help nourish their eggs. When they bite us, not only do they cause itchy red spots (that can be worse for some than others!), but they can also spread serious diseases.

Tags: mosquitoes  |  mosquito control  |  scary pests

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