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Michigan Rat Problems Continue




Fox affiliate WJBK reported that in a Michigan town, just outside of Detroit, rats had town legislators so worried, they were considering a $5 reward for each dead rat brought in. News articles about rats in Michigan show residents up in arms about municipalities not taking enough action to prevent rodent issues. When confronted with rat problems in the city of Southgate, Mayor Joseph Kuspa responded with, "Everybody knows what a rat looks like. We know there's some issues here in Southgate, and we're trying to address them the best we can from a municipality standpoint, but it really boils down to also the property owner has to be very actively involved with this."

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Why Most Traps Don't Get Rid Of Mice




Do you have rodents raiding your food? Are you finding chew holes in your walls and droppings in the back of the silverware drawer? Before you take matters into your own hands--which most people do--consider these three points. You'll thank me later.

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Why DIY Rodent Control Is Not A Good Idea




Mice and rats are disease and bacteria carrying foragers.

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