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Tips For A Mosquito Free Summer

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

There is nothing better in the summertime than sitting around the pool, relaxing on your patio or enjoying an outdoor gathering with friends and family. Spending time outside is the best part of summer, but the annoyance of mosquitoes in your yard can have you running inside for cover. Zappers, bug spray and Citronella candles are just a few ways that people try to protect themselves from mosquitoes, but these can be insufficient and may cause more harm than good. Fortunately for homeowners in the Ohio valley and surrounding states, there are easier and more effective ways to prevent mosquitoes from interrupting your outdoor plans.

Rose Pest Solutions wants to help you enjoy the warm weather right at home and that’s why we offer a few solutions that you can implement on your own to help keep mosquitoes from taking over your backyard.

Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, and if you have areas of collected standing water on your property, it’s an open invitation for mosquito infestation. Keeping your yard free of standing water is the best way to discourage mosquito activity on your property. Clogged gutters, tree holes and even old tires are areas where mosquitoes will breed, so making sure to inspect your yard for these areas of standing water is important in fighting mosquito infestation. Children’s pools, rain barrels and bird baths can also attract mosquitoes, so it is necessary to change the water in these frequently to keep mosquitoes at bay. Proper screening over doors and windows will help prevent mosquitoes from making their way indoors and should be free of rips and tears.

Besides simply a buzzing annoyance in your ear, mosquitoes can spread diseases. Their bite will bring a red bump and cause itching, but they have also been known to spread the West Nile Virus, as well as malaria, Dengue fever and encephalitis. All of these conditions can be life threatening, so protecting your family from mosquitoes is a necessity.

If you are planning an outdoor gathering this summer, or just want to spend relaxing summer days in your yard or garden without being bothered by these pesky pests, we offer mosquito services that are designed to reduce the mosquito activity around your home with the application of an effective one-time treatment around your property. If our mosquito control treatment is administered prior to your backyard barbecue or other outdoor event, you will be able to relax with the knowledge that your family and friends will be safe from the annoying buzz of mosquitoes.

Let Rose Pest Solutions worry about mosquitoes so you can relax and have a great time at your next outdoor get-together. Contact us today for more information and to schedule an appointment.



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