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Spring Bug Guide

Friday, March 7, 2014

Changing the clock on Sunday, welcoming Spring on the 20th, you can almost smell the tulips and hear the birds. We are in the home stretch, winter will be over soon! It's great news but before you throw on your short-sleeved shirts and start tuning your lawn mower, we want to remind you about the bugs. The ones that are going to be a problem in and around your home this spring to be more specific. Here’s a spring bug guide for homeowners in Cincinnati, Columbus and for all Ohioans and Michiganders.

Let’s start with the ladybug. She’s been passing the winter away behind the walls inside your home in a state known as diapause. That’s a hibernation of sorts for insects. Once the temps rise she’s going to come out from her hiding spot. The thing about ladybugs is that they have a tendency to hang out windowsills. They are often found on warm, lighter colored walls that face the south side too. You may be thinking a ladybug or two is harmless but here’s the thing- where there is one there is likely to be many more. Did we mention they “hibernate” in large numbers? They do. Now you see why they are such a... well pest. Our pest control technicians have a couple of suggestions to prevent ladybugs in your home. We’ll get to that in a minute though. We still have a couple more bugs to cover.

Often cited as America’s number one pest problem, ants are trouble. There are all kinds of ants, some are harmless, some have a stinging reputation while others can be quite destructive. Pavement ants and odorous house ants (AKA sugar ants) raid our kitchens looking for sweets and other food sources. They march in long lines across sidewalks and pavement, on a mission to find food and take it back to their colonies. Their presence, while irritating is not dangerous. They don't bite or sting like fire ants or damage homes with their excavating like carpenter ants do. Speaking of carpenter ants, they are the one type of ant you should not take your eyes off of. Like termites, these ants destroy wood found in and around homes. Left to their own devices, they can cause significant damage and leave you with a hefty repair bill.

While we are on the subject of wood destroying insects, it would be a good time to bring up termites. Silent destroyers, termites work around the clock breaking down the wood they find. Though they prefer rotting or decaying wood, they will feed on sound wood like structural supports. They won't turn their noses (not that they have noses) up at wood by-products found in homes either. Termite damage can be extensive, unnoticeable and hit your wallet hard. It is often found when home renovations begin or when homeowners see swarming termites coming out from their walls.

Just as the weather improves every spring, you can count on bugs to start buzzing or whatever it is they do. What you can do is get informed. For a few tips on how to prevent lady bugs and other pests from sneaking in during the fall months, check out this blog post. To stay ahead of termites, find out what the signs of a termite infestation are. You can also check out these carpenter ant prevention tips. And for relief from pests all year round, Rose can help. We offer home pest control in Cincinnati and throughout our service area that target common household bugs. To get rid of termites, we specialize in termite control. As an Authorized Operator of the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System, termites don't stand a chance when you call us.

If you have questions about bugs or would like more information our pest control services, please contact us!

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