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Rose Pest Solutions Offer Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Friday, February 12, 2010

Bed bugs are one of the fastest growing pest problems of this century and are an increasing pest control issue on both US coasts as wells as in Cincinnati, Columbus, Detroit and throughout Ohio, Michigan and the rest of the country. Bed bugs are small, flat insects that feed on human and animal blood. They are brownish in color, mainly active at night and are infesting hotels, motels, multi-unit housing and private residences. At Rose Pest Solutions we understand how harmful a bed bug infestation can be for a company’s reputation, not to mention the undue stress it can cause homeowners worrying about protecting their family from these nighttime pests, and that is why we offer homes and businesses in the Ohio Valley region as well as Michigan and Western Pennsylvania our bed bug heat treatments for complete relief from bed bug problems

Our Bed Bug Heat Treatment Service is a natural method for eliminating bed bugs from eggs to adults and achieves a bed bug free environment quicker and more effectively than other conventional bed bug treatments. Heat treatments are ideal for heavily infested areas as well as for buildings that have multi-stories and can get rid of bed bugs in homes, apartment buildings, school dorms, condos and more. To perform a bed bug heat treatment on a residential dwelling or commercial facility we bring vacuums, fans and heating equipment in to warm everything up to a temperature that will kill bed bugs. Most items may remain in the structure during the heat treatment without being damaged. Our professional pest control technicians will monitor the temperature throughout the treatment cycle to ensure the entire building and all its contents achieve the proper temperature that kills all stages in the insect life cycle. If necessary we will also use a natural chemical called Diatomaceous to penetrate areas where heat may not effectively reach and kills bed bugs physically and not chemically. This naturally occurring dust consists of microscopic fossilized remains of shells created by one-celled plants called DIATOMS. While extremely effective in eradicating bed bugs it is not harmful to people, pets or the environments and works well when combined with our heat treatments.

If you believe your home or commercial establishment may be infested with bed bugs contacting Rose Pest Solutions is the best way you get can rid of bed bugs and prevent them from coming back. We offer quality Cincinnati bed bug pest control services that will resolve infestations no matter how severe.  To find out more about our eco-friendly bed bug heat treatments in Cincinnati and Columbus as well as for homes and businesses in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania, please contact us.

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