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Ohio Pest Control Pros Offer Tips to Prevent Stings

Friday, July 13, 2012

With summer in full gear many families are out and about spending time in the sunshine and nature. But with the greatness of summer also comes stinging insects such as wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets. Each year encounters with these pests result in stings and in some cases a trip to the ER for medical attention. In order to have a sting free summer, Rose Pest Solutions would like to share some tips that will help take the sting out of these summer pests.   

  • Inspect the exterior of your home including the trees and bushes for any signs of stinging insect nests. Some of the most popular places for nests are eaves and soffits on homes but they can also be found in holes in the ground.  

  • Make sure to wear close toed shoes when you or your kids are outside playing around. Accidentally stepping on a stinging insect or their nest will surely cause a painful sting.

  • When gardening or sitting outside, you may want to avoid wearing bright colors which some stinging insects could confuse with the vibrancy of flowers.

  • If you are planning a picnic make sure to inspect the location site before hand for any signs of stinging insect activity.

  • When eating food or having drinks outside it is best to avoid sugary substances and keep containers closed. Sugary drinks like soda and lemonade are magnets for stinging insects and should be avoided if possible or covered when not drinking. Also, try to keep food closed so that if stinging insects are near, they are not lured in by the treats and snacks you have brought.

There is no reason to stay inside when the weather is gorgeous to avoid getting stung. There are plenty of ways to take caution so that you and your family members do not have to suffer a painful sting. But if you do happen to find yourself in the midst of any wasp, hornet, or yellow jacket stings, watch out for any signs of an allergic reaction. If you do notice difficulties breathing then seek medical care immediately.

If you are noticing stinging insects on your property or have identified a nest, contact the pest control pros at Rose. Serving Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus as well as all of Ohio and Michigan, our experienced and knowledgeable pest control technicians will safely rid your property of wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets. Learn more about our home pest control services for stinging insects and other household pests, find out where Rose services or contact us today!

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