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Inspect For Stinging Insects Before The Next Cookout

Monday, May 7, 2012

It’s almost the official warm weather season kick off. Memorial Day is right around the corner and this means it’s time to get the grill out and invite some friends over to enjoy the spring weather. But before hosting a great cookout, homeowners in Ohio and Michigan should be aware that stinging insects are back. It is possible that your home or property could be hosting a variety of stinging insects including wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, or bees. So before lighting up the grill and setting the patio furniture, the pest control pros at Rose Pest Solutions would like to share some information on the stinging insects that could be infesting your property and ways to prevent them.

Stinging insects are beneficial in nature as they are great pollinators and some even help to control crop damaging pests. But when it comes to your property, they could be building nests in trees, shrubs, the shed, under eaves, or even inside your home in the attic or hollowed out walls. It is possible that the ones who are inside your home have been there through the entire winter or for whatever reason your home was their target to build a nest when they became active in the early spring. Either way, nests on your property are not good as this means you will be hearing the constant buzz and facing the threat of stings as long as they are living there.

Although most stinging insects do not actively seek humans to sting, if they feel threatened they could attack. Perhaps you are doing some yard work and happen to disturb their nest, this is reason enough to send stinging insects after you. Yellow jackets may be one of the worst because they will sting repeatedly. Some people do have serious allergic reactions to the sting of these insects and could lead to a trip to the ER. This is no way to kick off your cookout season.

In order to avoid the threat that stinging insects can bring, if you spot a nest or if you notice an increase in the number of stinging insects on your property, it is important to contact your local pest control company right away. Unfortunately because these insects fly, it is hard to prevent them from getting onto your property. The best way to prevent an attack of stinging insects at your next cookout is to contact Rose Pest Solutions to learn more about the Stinging Insect Program.

Rose Pest Solutions provides effective home pest control services to avoid the threat of stinging insects in Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus, Ohio as well as Detroit and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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