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How To Prepare For Fall Pest Invasions

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall is here and that means one thing for Rose Pest Solutions: fall invaders are back! Forget pumpkin spice lattes, apple pie and the beautiful leaves that are changing, this time of year means our residential and commercial customers are calling about ladybugs and box elder bugs, just to name a few. These pests become a problem in the fall because they know winter is coming, so they are looking for a warm and comfortable place to spend the winter. That warm and comfortable place they are looking for is often your home. Keeping these pests from entering your home can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible! Rose Pest Control in Michigan has a few tips to keep these pests outside and avoid the annual takeover that is staged by lady beetles and box elder bugs.

Ladybugs (also known as lady beetles) range between 1/32 of an inch to just under 1/2 an inch long. They are usually red or yellow with black or brown spots on their backs. Ladybugs usually have black legs, antennae and wings and are capable of flying, but not for long distances. These insects are useful for gardeners, as they eat aphids that are present in gardens, orchards and fields. Ladybugs become a problem when they search out a warm environment to spend the winter and they do this in large numbers. Cleaning up dozens of ladybugs all winter long can be a real nuisance, but keeping them out is relatively simple. Recognizing areas inside the home that are acting as entry points for these insects and caulking or closing up these gaps can help limit the number of lady beetles that make it indoors. Reducing the populations of aphids around your property can also eliminate populations of lady beetles that find your property attractive; this can be done by planting vegetation that deters aphids, including onions, radishes and petunias.

Box elder bugs are small black insects with distinctive red markings and flat wings. They are about a half an inch long and feed on Ash trees, Cherry trees, Maple trees and of course, the Box Elder tree. They will look to enter your home through the cracks and crevices in the exterior, so eliminating these entry points is your best option for keeping these pests out on your own. If prevention is too late and these pests have already made it indoors, you can vacuum them up to remove them, but for complete control, contact the professionals at Rose Pest Solutions for control of box elder bugs and all Michigan bugs that are bothering you.

At Rose, we offer pest control in Grand Rapids, MI and the surrounding areas; our home pest control provides complete control for fall invaders like ladybugs and box elder bugs, as well as control for termites, bed bugs, roaches and other pests that are a problem in our service area. Through thorough inspections, effective treatments and exceptional service, our residential pest control program will eliminate your current pest problems and prevent future pest problems from occurring.

For a box elder bug exterminator that you can trust, call Rose Pest Solutions today. We will set up your first inspection for a date and time that will work for you. In addition to our fall pest control, we would be happy to provide more information on all of our pest control services available in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

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