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Get Ready For Winter With Pest Proofing Tips From Rose

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Although the calendar still says summer, now is the time for homeowners throughout Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Indiana to start preparing their home for the invasion of overwintering pests, such as box elder bugs, lady bugs, stink bugs and rodents, including miceRose Pest Solutions, a longtime Michigan pest control company, would like to offer homeowners some very useful tips that will help make your home less attractive to pests who may be seeking refuge from the cold weather as well as tips to help you keep pests out this fall.

Deny Pests Entry

  • Apply weather stripping around windows and doors

  • Seal or caulk any gaps, cracks and crevices around windows, baseboards and electrical outlets

  • Repair your foundation if cracks are present

  • Seal around faucets and drains, also place small screens over floor drains to keep pests from crawling in

  • Replace or repair any screens that may be torn

  • Pay special attention to keeping your garage door closed as much as possible

  • Also seal off any dog or cat doors as they extend an open invitation for pests to come in

Do Not Feed The Pests

  • Rearrange your pantry so glass and canned items are on the bottom and move boxes and plastic wrapped items to the top shelves; you can also empty those items into plastic, sealing containers to make access even harder

  • Clean up any spills and crumbs immediately and plan on moving appliances to clean under and behind those

  • Store open food items, such as fruits and vegetables in the fridge or in sealing containers

  • Keep trash cans covered and empty regularly

  • Keep areas around pet dishes cleaned and only put food out during feeding times

Do Not Provide Comfy Accommodations

  • Many pests need moisture to survive so run a dehumidifier in your basement; although winter tends to be very dry, some are milder than others and can make areas in your home more humid

  • Repairing any leaks under sinks, behind tubs and around drains

  • Do not store items in cardboard boxes in the basement or attic; they are easy for pests to get into and the items stored inside them may make a perfectly, warm bed throughout the winter

  • Keep areas free of any clutter, such as closets and attics; store things in hard plastic totes and inspect these areas often for any signs of pest activity

  • Outdoors, you can store firewood well away from your home and keep it at least 5” off the ground

Despite all of our hard work, eliminating insects and rodents may require professional help.  At Rose Pest Solutions we offer effective residential pest control that will help you get rid of stink bugs, box elders, and lady bugs as well as other nuisance and damaging pests.  For effective pest control in Detroit, Columbus or elsewhere in our service area, please contact us today!

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