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Rose Pest Solutions Blog

What To Do About Earwigs In My Home




The next time you venture out to your mailbox, have a quick look in the back. Are there little brownish red insects crawling around in there? If so, you may have earwigs in your mailbox and every time you bring the mail into your home, you could be bringing in earwigs as well. Because mail boxes are dark and sometimes damp, they can attract earwigs, but they aren’t the only place around your home where you’ll find these insects.

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When Are Paper Wasps Most Active?




You can tell its summer by looking at the insect activity around. Not only are there ants in the kitchen and mosquitoes dive-bombing your head the second you step outside, stinging insects seem to be out in force. Among the many stinging insects, the paper wasp is active and could become a problem around your home as their numbers tend to peak in July and late summer.

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Having Problems With Spiders?




Spiders are a problem in the summer for many homeowners. Most spiders are not dangerous; they may bite, but their bites are usually pretty harmless and don’t cause much of a problem for the victim. There are a few venomous spiders that people should be concerned about (including the black widow spider and the brown recluse spider), but these spiders aren’t typically found in our service area. Spiders generally become a problem for anyone that has a fear of spiders (called arachnophobia) or when spiders start to invade a property in large numbers. 

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How To Prevent Summer Stings




We get a lot of calls from people concerned about the stinging insects they find on their property. We are always happy to assist in the removal of stinging insect nests because our pest control technicians are trained to remove them safely so that these insects pose minimal threat to our technicians and they don’t find a way to relocate on your property. But beyond having the nests removed, our exterminators sometimes get questions about how to prevent having the insects nest on a property in the first place. Here are some tips from the pest control professionals at Rose Pest Solutions on how to prevent nesting stinging insects on your property and protect your family from summer stings. 

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