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Common Breeding Grounds For Mosquitoes




Is your property a breeding ground for mosquitoes? Obviously, this isn’t something you would plan for or even allow to go on if you knew it was happening but believe it or not, if you have ANY standing water on your property, mosquitoes are probably breeding there. Allowing mosquitoes to breed on your property is a very bad idea. Not only can mosquitoes make time spent outdoors miserable, but they are known for spreading serious diseases, including Zika, West Nile virus, Malaria, Yellow fever, Dengue fever and several types of Encephalitis.

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How To Control Mosquitoes In Your Backyard




Nothing can spoil a backyard get together faster than a bunch of blood-sucking mosquitoes!  Along with causing an itchy, painful bite, homeowners have to worry about the potential health threats caused from the bite of a mosquito, including West Nile virus and Encephalitis.

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Summertime Pests Can Really Annoy Homeowners




The guest list at many outdoor summer events in Michigan, Ohio and all across the United States typically includes many friendly faces, but often time’s visitors that are not welcome drop by as well.  Just like us, mosquitoes, ants and a variety of stinging insects, including yellow jackets and wasps, enjoy the tasty treats at barbeques, birthday parties and family reunions.

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Tips For A Mosquito Free Summer




There is nothing better in the summertime than sitting around the pool, relaxing on your patio or enjoying an outdoor gathering with friends and family. Spending time outside is the best part of summer, but the annoyance of mosquitoes in your yard can have you running inside for cover. Zappers, bug spray and Citronella candles are just a few ways that people try to protect themselves from mosquitoes, but these can be insufficient and may cause more harm than good. Fortunately for homeowners in the Ohio valley and surrounding states, there are easier and more effective ways to prevent mosquitoes from interrupting your outdoor plans.

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