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Carpenter Bees: Not Your Average Bee




When you think of bees or stinging insects in general, you are probably picturing a large bee hive with hundreds of bees swarming around. But when it comes to one species, carpenter bees, they do not exhibit normal bee behaviors. If you have not had any encounters with carpenter bees in Ohio, read on to learn why they are ‘not your average bee’.

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Are Your Stinging Insects Beneficial or Just Nuisance Pests?




Whether they live in Cleveland or Troy people who have had bees or wasps nest on their property are likely to tell you that these stinging insects are annoying pests and nothing more. What is often overlooked or not realized is how downright dangerous an infestation can be. Stinging insects may cause severe allergic reaction in some people and a sting may even prove fatal for others. While some stinging insects are beneficial to flowers and plants on your property as well as to our environment others are nuisance and potentially dangerous insects that should be avoided.

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