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How To Prevent Summer Stings




We get a lot of calls from people concerned about the stinging insects they find on their property. We are always happy to assist in the removal of stinging insect nests because our pest control technicians are trained to remove them safely so that these insects pose minimal threat to our technicians and they don’t find a way to relocate on your property. But beyond having the nests removed, our exterminators sometimes get questions about how to prevent having the insects nest on a property in the first place. Here are some tips from the pest control professionals at Rose Pest Solutions on how to prevent nesting stinging insects on your property and protect your family from summer stings. 

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Summertime Pests Can Really Annoy Homeowners




The guest list at many outdoor summer events in Michigan, Ohio and all across the United States typically includes many friendly faces, but often time’s visitors that are not welcome drop by as well.  Just like us, mosquitoes, ants and a variety of stinging insects, including yellow jackets and wasps, enjoy the tasty treats at barbeques, birthday parties and family reunions.

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Are Your Stinging Insects Beneficial or Just Nuisance Pests?




Whether they live in Cleveland or Troy people who have had bees or wasps nest on their property are likely to tell you that these stinging insects are annoying pests and nothing more. What is often overlooked or not realized is how downright dangerous an infestation can be. Stinging insects may cause severe allergic reaction in some people and a sting may even prove fatal for others. While some stinging insects are beneficial to flowers and plants on your property as well as to our environment others are nuisance and potentially dangerous insects that should be avoided.

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