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How Did I Get A Bed Bug Infestation?




Research has shown that bed bugs cannot jump nor can they fly which leaves many to wonder, how these pests have spread out so far and wide. Every state has seen their fair share of severe bed bug infestations both in homes, hotels, and other businesses including movie theaters and even in public buildings such as libraries. So what is the mode of transportation carrying bed bugs across the nation?

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Don’t Fear The Bed Bugs!




Many people hear the horror stories about people going on vacation and bringing home bed bugs and for some people, this has caused them to cancel travel plans! This is a bit severe, because although it is possible to pick up these pests when you spend time in commercial lodgings or when you use public transportation, as long as you know what to look for with signs of bed bugs, you can help protect yourself from these blood sucking pests.

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Are Summer Months Worse For Bed Bug Infestations?




A phenomenon seen in cities and towns across the country is the increase in bed bug activity during the hot, summer months. Last summer proved to be bad for bed bugs, but as one research entomologist stated, this summer is shaping up to be the worst summer yet for bed bugs. The problem is that as infestations spread to homes and businesses across the country, bed bugs become more embedded and continue to increase as a major pest problem.

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Man vs. "Man's Best Friend"




In the fight against bed bugs, early detection is key.  While adult bed bugs are relatively easy to spot if in a visible location, a bed bug’s eggs and nymphs are extremely difficult to identify because of their small size.  Even the most experienced pest control specialist may not be able to detect low level infestations because of potential hidden and inaccessible locations.  With somewhere between 20 to 40 times the nasal receptors of humans, canine scent detection units have the unique ability to sniff out the earliest of infestation in any home or business.

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