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Which Bed Bug Treatment is Better?

Heat treatments provide advantages against heavy, widespread infestations in cluttered environments. Manual pesticide treatments can eliminate contained infestations quickly and economically.




Mark D. Sheperdigian, B.C.E. VP of Technical Services at Rose Pest Solutions talks bed bugs and bed bug treatments.

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How Not To Kill Bed Bugs [Trivia]




Are you sick of us talking about bed bugs? We’re sorry, but we can’t stop talking about these little bloodsuckers! If you follow our blogs, you know that we regularly bring up the topic of these pests, but that is only because they continue to be a serious problem for both home and business owners throughout Ohio and the rest of our service area.

Tags: Bed Bugs  |  bed bug control  |  bed bug heat treatments

Rose Pest Solutions Offer Bed Bug Heat Treatments




Our Bed Bug Heat Treatment Service is a natural method for eliminating bed bugs from eggs to adults and achieves a bed bug free environment quicker and more effectively than other conventional bed bug treatments. Our bed bug pest control services are ideal for homes and businesses in Cincinnati, Columbus, Detroit as well as for Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania.

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