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    Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?




    Bed bugs are no longer a problem of the past- they are very present, and are infesting homes, businesses and all types of commercial settings, including hotels, motels, taxi cabs, movie theaters, office buildings, hospital rooms and even airports. Bed bugs aren’t picky, they will hitch rides on anyone or anything, and they can easily travel across the country by attaching themselves to luggage, personal belongings and even to the clothes on a person’s back.  Do you have bed bugs? Learn where to look for signs of bed bug activity, and how Rose Pest Solutions can help you eradicate your bed bug problem!

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    Man vs. "Man's Best Friend"




    In the fight against bed bugs, early detection is key.  While adult bed bugs are relatively easy to spot if in a visible location, a bed bug’s eggs and nymphs are extremely difficult to identify because of their small size.  Even the most experienced pest control specialist may not be able to detect low level infestations because of potential hidden and inaccessible locations.  With somewhere between 20 to 40 times the nasal receptors of humans, canine scent detection units have the unique ability to sniff out the earliest of infestation in any home or business.

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