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Worried about Zika Virus in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana? Don't be.




Rose Pest Entomologist Mark VanderWerp on WJR radio discussing the Zika Virus transmitted by mosquitoes. People in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana should not be concerned at this time unless they are traveling to areas where the virus has been detected.

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Rose Pest Solutions entomologist identifies new invasive species in Michigan




Mark VanderWerp and the Elm Seed Bug he discovered in Michigan. This is the first confirmed sighting of an Elm Seed Bug east of the Rockies.Not only do our Entomologist work tirelessly to prevent existing pests, they also discover new ones! Introducing Arocatus Melanocephalus, commonly known as the Elm Seed Bug. Discovered in Michigan by our own Mark VanderWerp, Manager of Education and Training. This is the first confirmed sighting of an Elm Seed Bug East of the Rockies.

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Rose Pest Solutions Announces Promotion of Mark VanderWerp




Mark VanderWerp

Rose Pest Solutions today announced that Mark VanderWerp has been promoted to Manager of Education and Training.  He has been employed with the company since 2006 and previously held the position of District Supervisor in Grand Rapids, Mich. 

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