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Rose team members present at PCT Purdue Conference




Pest manaqement professionals gathered in West Lafayette, Indiana for the Purdue conference, where attendees learn about a variety of cutting-edge pest management topics from industry experts.

Pictured is Purdue's Gary Bannett and Dale Hodgson of Rose Pest Solutions

(Pictured is Purdue's Gary Bannett and Dale Hodgson of Rose Pest Solutions).

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Bug collector Dan Capps displays exotic and rare insects at Detroit Science Center




DETROIT, MI – From October 27 through November 7, Rose Pest Solutions will celebrate its 150th anniversary by hosting national-renowned bug collector Dan Capps and his world-class display of exotic insects at the Detroit Science Center. The Creepy Crawly Bug Exhibit will commemorate Rose Pest Solutions’ roots as the nation’s oldest pest management company, Rose Exterminator Co.

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Grand Blanc Township voters to decide on mosquito control millage renewal in August




GRAND BLANC TOWNSHIP, Michigan — Voters will decide Aug. 3 on whether they want to continue to pay for mosquito control in the township.

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Fighting- not fleeing - fleas and ticks




It's late spring, the season of smiling skies, blooming flowers – and fleas and ticks.

Those creepy crawlies are at their busiest in late spring and early summer — and when you've got 'em, they're more than a nuisance. Americans spend about $9 billion annually battling fleas alone.

Here's how to know your foe and how to wipe him off the map (or at least eject him from the sofa cushions).

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