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Bed Bugs More Likely To Infest Previously Infested Areas

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

It can be exasperating to get a report of a fresh bite from a bed bug account that has had no bites and no sightings in a month or more. After a thorough inspection, you find one or two bugs right in the middle of the droppings, cast skins and dead bugs from the original infestation. This scenario is all too common and can cause a lot of tension between the pest management professional (PMP) and client.

The occupants had a lovely respite from the nightmare, but now “they’re back!” They suspect some bugs were missed during the treatment, but if a month has gone by without bites or sightings, this is really unlikely. For tenants who react badly to bed bug bites, a month since the last bite should indicate success. For a new bite a month or two later to be part of the original infestation, the bug would have had to voluntarily go without a meal. While they are physically capable of lasting that long, it’s unlikely — especially in an active environment with a meal readily available. As every bed bug scent detection dog handler knows, bed bugs unfed in a vial can hardly last a month; a couple weeks usually is all you get. They survive longer periods of starvation in a cool, quiet environment.

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