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The Science of Humiture? - PCT Magazine

Friday, July 29, 2016


We often talk about how hot it is going to be — and cringe at the outside work that has to be done when the meteorologist predicts a 90°F-plus day. Interestingly, we rarely consider the equally important relative humidity (R.H.). But we should. Our bodies cool themselves by sweating, a process that requires evaporation to remove the heat stored in the perspiration on our skin. When it’s humid, our bodies can’t cool down as easily because evaporation doesn’t happen as readily. So, to stay informed of when we are most at risk of overheating we need to pay attention to both the air temperature AND the humidity. Fortunately, there is a system that conveys just this information, it’s called the heat index.

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Mark VanderWerp BCE

Manager of Education and Training

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