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SHEPerspective: Crane fly

Monday, February 8, 2016

Most homeowners love their lawns. They spend an incredible amount of time and energy maintaining them. From an ecological viewpoint, however, turf represents a large expanse of a single type of plant and is properly termed a monoculture. It also represents a treasure trove of food for insects and other organisms that live on grass, and can easily give rise to large populations of said organisms.

Many homeowners have already spent a small fortune cultivating their lawns and are quite prepared to defend them from all comers. Others don’t much care, as long as all the vegetation is green and roughly the same shape and height. But when the turf insects start building up on or in the house, both groups are ready to do battle.

Many insects and other arthropods emerge from grass to become household pests. One such species is the crane fly — large, gangly insects that look like mosquitoes. A scene in the movie Jurassic Park visually references a mosquito that is, in fact, a crane fly.

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Crane Fly

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