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Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly: Bob Seske

Monday, November 11, 2013

Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly
November 8th, 2013
Dough LeDuc

Name: Bob Seske

Age: 43

Title: district manager

Company: Rose Pest Solutions

Location: 3702 Wells St.


Academic background and training: Attended ITT Tech and obtained certifications in fumigation and several categories of pest management as well as numerous business, sales and safety program certifications

How would you describe Rose Pest Solutions?

Rose Pest Solutions is a family-owned business operating in six states that takes great pride in helping our communities protect their businesses, homes and property while putting an emphasis on being good stewards of our environment.

We are about 80 percent commercial and 20 percent residential. Our list of commercial customers includes health-care facilities, universities and colleges, food packaging production plants, and government and office buildings.

How did you get into this kind of work and what has been happening with Rose Pest Solutions while you have been there?

I have always had an interest in nature and enjoyed interaction with people, so in 1997 when the opportunity to join Rose Pest Solutions emerged it lined up with the career path I was looking for.

Since the time I joined Rose Pest Solutions the largest project has been to adopt bar-code scanning of all equipment and online trending of service report information as well as dealing with the resurgence of bed bugs.

What is ahead for the business?

Rose Pest Solutions is dedicated to remain on the leading edge of pest management and anticipate the ever-changing needs of our clients and expand the services we provide to fulfill those needs.

Bedbug remediation and the Food Modernization Act are two opportunities we will continue to work on in 2014 as well as addressing any twist nature has for us with new pathogens that may be spread from pests.

Is there any time of year that gets particularly busy?

We don’t really have a peak season but there seasonal pressures that we deal with. The onset of fall and winter pushes people indoors to avoid harsh weather, but humans aren’t the only ones looking to get out of the cold.

Rats, mice and other rodents also seek out warm shelter this time of year. Preparation is key to avoid hosting these pests as new roommates this fall and winter.

What do you like about the work?

The most interesting aspect of my job is the privilege of seeing how business happens in every aspect of our lives. I have visited nuclear power plants, hospitals, universities, food production plants, automotive plants and everything in between.

Each industry and individual location has its own requirements to gain an understanding of how they operate and how we can help them protect their brand. It keeps us on our toes and inspires creativity in dealing with the ever-changing pest control challenges our customers face.

What moments there stand out the most so far?

The moments that stand out the most are the small things such as getting to know clients and their families and sharing time and memories with them.

What have you learned from the work?

My position and the ability to discuss business with hundreds of business people over the years has instilled the fact that honesty, integrity and treating clients fairly will be the cornerstone of our businesses reputation.

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