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Construction drives rats into Livonia neighborhoods

Thursday, August 7, 2014

By: Tara Edwards
August 6, 2014
WXYZ abc7

(WXYZ) - As if looking at torn up I-96 and all of the construction being done next to Jack Mitchell's home wasn't enough, now he may have to deal with a bigger mess.

According to the Livonia mayor, some residents reported rodent problems.

"It's kind of a scary situation if it's true that there could be possible rodents running around, how big they are and what they could end up doing to the total community here," said Mitchell.

The mayor's office has said the large commercial building projects and the I-96 freeway construction has recently displaced the homes of some rats and mice.

Officials are warning the pesky rodents can spread more than 35 diseases and that rats also gnaw and dig which damages wood, wiring, and insulation.

Karolyn Fuson walks every day through her neighborhood and has major concerns, too.

"Especially if there is a rodent problem and a pet gets bit or something,” said Fuson. “That would be a huge issue."

City officials are telling residents to eliminate sources of food for the pests.

Rats eat garbage, food scraps, fallen fruit and nuts, pet food, and animal droppings.

Meanwhile residents are hoping these pests just stay away form their homes.

"Hopefully they will take care of it and resolve it,” said Mitchell.

The Michigan Department of Transportation [MDOT] says they were not made aware of this issue and released the following statement:

"The media stories about rats and the blaming of the I-96 project on Wednesday night, 8/6/14, were a surprise to MDOT. We held two public meetings on Wednesday, in the am and the pm, to local businesses and the residents along the I-96 project. There was not one comment nor question about rats from anyone. The City of Livonia had not contacted MDOT about this until THIS Thursday morning, Thursday, 8/7/14. We will be returning the city’s call today."

For more details, contact the Mayor’s office at (734) 466-2201.

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