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Bedbugs Chase ODU Students From Dorm

Wednesday, August 31, 2011
By: Candice Lee
Published: August 22, 2011
Updated: August 22, 2011 - 5:06 PM

An NBC4 viewer alerted us Saturday about bedbugs in one of the dorms at Ohio Dominican University.

When NBC4 arrived on campus Monday morning, a bedbug detection dog entered Lynam Hall where the pesky critters were found in at least four dorm rooms.

"If there’s ever a reported case, we not only, typically, check the site we check throughout the whole building to make sure we have a good handle on the issue," said Jamie Caridi, vice president for student development.

The university hired Rose Pest Control to eradicate the pests with the use of high heat.

The Central Ohio Bed Bug Task Force reports no college or university is immune to an infestation.

There have been reported cases at Ohio State, Otterbein and other institutions of higher learning across the state.

"You have a lot of kids, packed tightly together, living in close proximity to each other, coming from all walks of life. And bedbugs are terrific hitchhikers," explained Paul Wenning, special projects coordinator for Franklin County Public Health

As more and more students head back to campus, Wenning said parents need to ask the following questions before their kids move into dorms:

  •     Has this dorm been treated for bedbugs?

  •     What method of extermination was used? Heat or pesticides?

  •     Get the name of the pest control company that did the work, and verify the work.

Students can follow some simple rules to avoid bedbugs getting into their personal belongings:

  •     Store as many personal items in airtight, plastic containers and bags.

  •     Get a mattress cover, which costs $40 to $45.

  •     Set beds and lofts on climb-up interceptors to keep bugs off beds.

  •     Limit clutter, and keep clothing off the floor.

Ohio Dominican expects the displaced students to be back in their dorm rooms on Tuesday.

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