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Parma, Ohio Pest Control

Founded in 1860, Rose Pest Solutions serves the Parma region, as well as areas throughout Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Northern Kentucky, Northeastern Indiana and West Virginia with effective residential and commercial pest control services.  Our pest control experts are regularly trained on the latest pest control methods and techniques, using eco-friendly pest control solutions, keeping your customers, employees, family and pets safe from harmful chemicals.  If your Parma home or business is in need of pest control services, Rose Pest Solutions is your ideal exterminators for all your pest problems.

Common Spring Pests Found In Parma OH

As the snow and ice from this past winter starts to melt and temperatures climb, buds on trees and plants will soon start to bloom, you will be drawn to venture back outdoors to enjoy the newness that spring brings each year.  But along with the beauty and peacefulness that comes with the changing of the seasons, pests such as antstermitesstink bugsbox elder bugsticks and many other common pests in Parma will stir, quickly turning your enjoyment of spring into scrambling to prevent these unwanted pests from entering and infesting your home. 

Spring Cleaning Tips To Prevent Pests

The professionals at Rose Pest Solutions have compiled a list of pest prevention tips for Parma homeowners, helping to keep problem spring insects out of your home. 

  • Inspect screens in windows and doors for holes and tears, replacing any damaged screen before you open your windows this spring

  • Do a thorough spring cleaning of your kitchen, scrubbing any grease and food debris off appliances and counters

  • Keep trees and shrubs trimmed back away from your home

  • Keep food stored in air tight containers, such as glass or plastic and store them in the fridge if possible

  • Seal and holes or cracks around the exterior of your home, paying close attention to around pipes, wiring, windows, doors, and the foundation

  • Keep your trash outdoors in securely sealed garbage cans, using bungee cords if necessary

  • Replace any old or cracks weather stripping on exterior doors

  • Repair or replace leaky faucets in bathrooms or the kitchen

  • Inspect your property for insect nests or beehives, contacting a Rose exterminator if any are found

  • Remove any standing water around your property

By following these simple tips you will make your Parma home less desirable to troublesome pests.

Parma Home Pest Control Service

Sometimes even with your best pest prevention efforts pests will still find a way into your home.  At Rose Pest Solutions, we understand that your home is often your largest investment and we take great pride in protecting it as well as your family from problem pests.  With Rose’s Home Service Program we will eliminate current pest infestations and maintain and pest-free environment year-round.  Our home pest control includes:

  • Pre-scheduled interior and exterior services

  • A visual inspection of interior and exterior accessible areas

  • Written report to findings and what we recommend to eliminate any problems

  • Suggestions and recommendations for avoiding future pest problems in and around your home

  • Preventative Services performed on the interior and exterior of your home

  • A significant amount of household pests are covered through our exclusive home service program 

If you have noticed ants marching in the kitchen or any other pest in or around your home, Rose Pest Solutions can help!  Contact us today and let our team of professional exterminators get rid of antstermitesstink bugs and all other common OH spring pests today!

Complete Pest Control Services From Rose

Rose Pest Solutions not only offers quality and effective home pest control services, we also provide a wide array of pest control services to fit any need you Parma home or business may need.  Our other services include:

If you are in need of pest control in Parma, look no further than Rose Pest Solutions as your trusted OH exterminator!




For Year Round Protection Consider The Rose Home Service Program.

With the Rose Home Service program, you pay one annual price and receive 12 months of protection. It's guaranteed to protect your home against common household pests.  Our home service program includes pre-scheduled interior and exterior services over a 12-month period. If additional visits are needed, we will come out at no charge to you – it’s part of our guarantee to keep your home pest-free!


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