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Stink Bugs

Stink Bugs

What is a stink bug?

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) is an invasive pest insect from Asia, that is new to North America.  Named for the offensive smelling liquid they emit from small glands located on their thorax, stink bugs were first identified in the US in Allentown, PA in 1996.  They have since been found in several states including Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and West Virginia.  Stink bugs are 1/2 - 3/4 of an inch long (12-19mm)and appear in different shades of brown or gray.  They are frequently recognized by a triangular plate on their back and white stripes on their antenna.


Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

Why do I have them?

Stink bugs are overwintering pests which means they enter your home in the fall through any small opening they can find and spend the winter in your attic and walls. They emerge inside and outside your home in the spring with rising temperatures. They are typically known as an agricultural and structural pest because they cause massive damage to fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants.

Are they dangerous?

Stink bugs do not seem to be a danger to animal or human health. They do not reproduce inside structures but become a nuisance pest when they enter structures in fall and exit in the spring.  If they are squashed or vacuumed up, the offensive odor they release can be quite noticeable. 

How do I get rid of stink bugs?

The best way to get rid of stink bugs inside your home is to vacuum them up and dispose of the vacuum bag so they can't escape back into your home. Stink bugs cannot be completely removed from the outside of a structure.  For that reason, the ideal way to resolve stink bug problems is to contact Rose Pest Solutions.  Our pest management professionals will evaluate the infestation and create a custom designed pest control solution to prevent stink bugs from entering your home in the fall.

 brown marmorated stink bug nymphs in michigan
BMSB nymphs
Image courtesy of PSU

Can I do it myself?

Frequently, Do-It-Yourself methods will not resolve the pest problem. Many insects like stink bugs require the right insecticide, application equipment, and knowledge to "time" the treatments for an effective, long-term solution. If you have a stink bug problem in your home or business, please contact us today. 

How much does it cost?

A Rose Pest Solutions professional pest control technician will always make you aware of the price before they start your service.  We have standard pricing for most of our pest services, but also have custom pricing that fits the type and degree of infestation, size of the area to be treated and where a pest situation requires a specialized type of service.

How can I prevent this in the future?

There are many different ways to prevent pests, some very simple, some more complex.  At Rose, we offer pest prevention services based on educating our clients before, during and after treatment to help you prevent future problems with any pest in your home or business.

How soon can you get here?

Contact your nearest Rose Pest Solutions service center immediately for an appointment.
In many cases, we can respond within 24-48 hours.



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