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Okemos, Michigan Pest Control

Rose Pest Solutions, a Michigan pest control company, has been providing the highest quality Okemos pest control services available to home and business owners for over 150 years. We realize that not everyone suffers from the same pest problems, and therefore we will customize a plan to fit your specific needs. If you have experienced any kind of pest infestations, whether it is ants in the kitchen, or cockroaches in your restaurant, you can rest assured that the experts at Rose Pest Solutions can help.

Common Spring Pests In Okemos

As warm weather arrives this spring, in addition to the beautiful flowers and lush green grass, it ushers in a host of unwanted pests. A few of the most common pests Okemos residents and business owners will experience this spring include:

These nuisance pests are not only an annoyance, but can be very damaging and can pose serious health risks. The experts at Rose Pest Solutions offer a compilation of spring pest prevention tips to keep you safe and pest free this spring:

  • Keep your kitchen clean and free of any spills

  • Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink over night

  • Empty the trash often

  • Repair or replace any damaged screens

  • Install door sweeps on any exterior doors

  • Keep the your property free of clutter and debris

While these tips are very effective in preventing pest infestations; they do not guarantee results. If you have followed all of these spring pest prevention tips, and find your home or business is still under attack from nuisance pests, contact our Okemos pest control pros right away.

Okemos Pest Control Services For Homes

Rose Pest Solutions offers a home pest control program for Okemos residents that are guaranteed to protect your home and family from common household pests including:

This residential pest control program is an ongoing maintenance plan, and our guarantee means that if pests return in between visits we will also return, free of charge. If you are in need of an Okemos exterminator, or would like more information about our home pest control program, contact us today.

Termite Damage and Prevention Tips For Okemos Residents

The most costly pest for Okemos homes and businesses is by far termites. Termites cause thousands of dollars in damage in Okemos on an annual basis. They are especially a cause for concern because they are capable of eating a structure from the inside out, often causing massive amounts of damage before ever being discovered. There are some preventative measures that can be taken to protect your home or business including:

  • Eliminating water sources from around your home

  • Clear shrubs, leaves and debris from around foundation

  • Stack firewood and scrap lumber away from any structure

  • Seal all cracks or holes in the foundation

Although these termite prevention tips are highly effective, there is certainly still a good chance that your home or business will be infested with termites. At Rose Pest Solutions, we recommend the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System. This highly effective termite control system is proven to detect and eliminate entire termite colonies. If you live or work in Okemos or the surrounding areas and are currently suffering from a termite infestation, or would like to prevent a future termite problem, contact the experts at Rose Pest Solutions today.

Other Okemos Pest Control Services From Rose

No matter what pest problem you are facing, the experts at Rose Pest Solutions have the answer. Along with home pest control and termite control services in Okemos, we provide a vast range of Okemos pest control services that include:

Whatever your pest control need is, you can trust Rose to help. If you would like more information on any of the services available, or are interested in scheduling an inspection of your Okemos home or business, contact Rose Pest Solutions today.


For Year Round Protection Consider The Rose Home Service Program.

With the Rose Home Service program, you pay one annual price and receive 12 months of protection. It's guaranteed to protect your home against common household pests.  Our home service program includes pre-scheduled interior and exterior services over a 12-month period. If additional visits are needed, we will come out at no charge to you – it’s part of our guarantee to keep your home pest-free!


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