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Bowling Green, Ohio Pest Control Services

"Pest problem" is not a pair of words anyone likes to hear on a daily basis. Fortunately, you don't have to. At Rose Pest Solutions, we are here to stand by our name and do exactly what we do best: create solutions. We have been serving Ohio in home pest control since 1860 and are locally owned and operated, which means that when you need us most, we're always here.

In the Toledo area, specifically Bowling Green, Ohio, pest problems change with the seasons, but persist all year long. It is important to know which pests are prevalent in each season and what to do about it.

Common Spring Pests

Spring pests include invaders such as ants and termites. While some species of ants such as pavement ants and odorous house ants are considered nuisance pests and do not inflict damage to home or property, the carpenter ant is a pest of a different nature. Left unaddressed, carpenter ants may cause significant damage to wooden structures on your property. Termites, while slightly different in behavior, also pose a significant threat to dwellings. In any case, ants and wood destroying insects are an unwelcome part of the spring season. Ants are typically not a pest many homeowners have much success eradicating. That’s because most do-it-yourself remedies to rid your property ants are not effective because they only target foraging ants, not the colony itself. Also, many times the chemicals used do not produce results. Termites are also a very difficult pest problem to identify and treat without professional help. If you’ve noticed swarming termites or small mud tubes leading from the soil to your home, contact Rose right away. We can help by providing effective Bowling Green pest control services that are designed to combat springtime pest infestations, no matter how serious.

Summer Pests

Summer often makes us think of outdoor barbecues and gardening. Unfortunately, with the pleasure of the outdoors comes the not so pleasurable amount of insects. While many pests are around, it seems like mosquitoes and stinging insects are especially noticeable this time of year. Though you can’t fully eliminate mosquitoes, yellow jackets, and wasps, you can implement measures that will discourage them. By eliminating standing water on your property (this includes clogged gutters, drainage ditches etc., refreshing kiddie pools and bird baths and removing items on your property that may catch water such as empty flower pots) you are taking away ideal breeding sites for mosquitoes. Sealing openings in your home’s exterior, filling old burrows in your lawn and keeping food covered during a BBQ will also help prevent stinging insects from nesting in or near your home and from crashing your next outdoor get-together. Wearing bug repellent, covering your body in clothing and staying inside during peak mosquito activity times (dawn and dusk) also helps. If you’ve noticed a nest on your property or are tired of dealing with pesky mosquitoes, contact Rose Pest Solutions to ask about our mosquito control in Bowling Green or our to find out how our stinging insect control for the greater Toledo area can help you protect your family.

Pest Control For Common Fall And Winter Pests

Fall pests include the widely feared mouse. They are very quick creatures and getting rid of them can be problematic. Although they may seem harmless, mice have the ability to cause extensive damage to homes and the items within. From gnawing on electrical wires and creating fire hazards to contaminating insulation with droppings and urine, it is clear that getting rid of mice should be a priority. They are also a threat to your health, as they are known vectors of many serious viruses and may introduce fleas and other pests. It is important to act on a mice invasion as fast as possible, especially when they start seeking warm shelter in the fall months. That’s where Rose comes in. Our residential pest control in Bowling Green is designed to address common household pests, including the house mouse.

It is important to maintain your pest prevention throughout the seasons as many pests linger through the change of weather. As winter kicks into gear, mice still pose a problem. Seeking food, water, and secure shelter, Ohio homes provide everything they need to survive. Another common winter pest is the elusive spider. Spiders are sneaky; if you have cracks or crevices in your foundation or other spaces that are open to the elements, spiders, and other pests will find their way in. To prevent this from happening, contact the Ohio exterminators to start your pest control service as soon as possible.

Bed Bug Services

The most invasive and probably the most common of pests in all seasons are bed bugs. Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are critters that strictly feed on blood. Bed bugs are properly named because they tend to hide in mattresses, or as close as possible to their human host to enable easy nighttime feeding. They are very small insects, about 3/16 inch in length, flat and broadly oval. Bed bugs are a hard pest to identify. So tough in fact, that they are commonly overlooked by property owners and managers. It is our hope to make sure that further spreading of this pest doesn't happen. Under the expert eye of our proven Bed Bug Canine Inspections, you will find a more accurate detection (over 97% accuracy) of bed bugs than any other methods. In addition to detection, Rose Pest Solutions offers a variety of bed bug control methods, including bed bug heat treatments. Because bed bugs can often be extremely difficult to eliminate entirely, we include the necessary products and follow up visits for a one-time fee.

If you're experiencing seasonal pest problems or simply want to find out how Rose will protect your home all year long, click or call Rose Pest Solutions.


For Year Round Protection Consider The Rose Home Service Program.

With the Rose Home Service program, you pay one annual price and receive 12 months of protection. It's guaranteed to protect your home against common household pests.  Our home service program includes pre-scheduled interior and exterior services over a 12-month period. If additional visits are needed, we will come out at no charge to you – it’s part of our guarantee to keep your home pest-free!


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