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Kentwood, Michigan Pest Control

Rose Pest Solutions has been providing Kentwood residents and business owners with the highest quality and most eco-friendly pest control treatments in all of Michigan for over 150 years. We understand that every pest problem can differ, so we will customize a pest control plan to meet your specific needs. If you need help getting rid of antsspiderstermitesmice or wildlife in Kentwood or throughout Michigan, contact the professionals at Rose Pest Solutions today.

What Are Termites?

Termites are wood destroying insects and the most common species in our area are subterranean termites. Subterranean termites cause 95% of the estimated $2 billion of damage caused by termites in the United States on an annual basis. Every termite colony is made up of following:

  • The Queen - The primary reproducer. The queen is the largest, measuring at about 4” in length. She can live up to 10 years and produce an estimated 30,000 eggs per day.

  • The King - Helps create the colony and mates throughout his life to help grow the colony.

  • Worker Termites - The workers are soft bodied with no wings and are only about the size of a grain of rice. Their duties include caring for the eggs, building tunnels, foraging for food and feeding other members of the colony.

  • Soldier Termites - The soldiers are also soft bodied and wingless, but have two large and powerful jaws used as a defend against predators and invaders such as ants.

  • Winged Reproducers - These termites develop wings and leave the colony in swarms to mate and start a new colony.

Signs of Termite Activity in Kentwood

Once a termite infestation develops, these insects can be very difficult to get rid of and can cause extensive and very expensive damage before being discovered. It is extremely important to watch for signs of termite activity around your Kentwood home to be able to locate the problem before the infestation becomes too large. Several signs of termite activity can include:

  • Small mud tubes along foundation

  • Damage to any wooden surfaces

  • Shed termite wings

  • Sagging windows or door frames

  • Soft spots in floors or ceilings

If you have noticed any of these signs of termite activity around your Kentwood home or business, it is crucial to contact Rose Pest Solutions immediately. Taking swift action can prevent much more costly damage down the road.

Get Rid of Termites in Kentwood

Termites are very difficult to eliminate because their underground colonies are compiled of tunnels that can stretch up to 300 feet. Also, if the entire colony is not eliminated the remaining termites will often return and rebuild. At Rose Pest Solutions, we offer the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System. The Sentricon System is environmentally friendly and is proven to eliminate the entire colony and provide 24/7 protection if service is continued. The Sentricon plan consists of a three step process, including:

  • Detection of termites

  • Elimination of the entire colony

  • Continuous monitoring to prevent another infestation

For more information on the Sentricon System, or if you are in need of a Kentwood termite exterminatorcontact the experts at Rose Pest Solutions today.

Other Services From Rose Pest Solutions

While Rose offers the most comprehensive termite control available in Kentwood, we also provide a variety of other residential and commercial pest control programs to cover nearly any pest problem. Our additional pest control plans include:

Bed Bug Control

General Pest Control

Mosquito Services

Wildlife Removal

Commercial Bird Control

Commercial Drain Line Bioremediation

Commercial Fly Management

For more information on any of the pest control services available, or if you are in need of a Kentwood exterminatorcontact Rose Pest Solutions today.


For Year Round Protection Consider The Rose Home Service Program.

With the Rose Home Service program, you pay one annual price and receive 12 months of protection. It's guaranteed to protect your home against common household pests.  Our home service program includes pre-scheduled interior and exterior services over a 12-month period. If additional visits are needed, we will come out at no charge to you – it’s part of our guarantee to keep your home pest-free!


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