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What Are Flies?

There are many types of fly species found throughout our service area, including house fliescluster flies, and fruit flies. The house fly is approximately 1/8-1/4 inch long with the female being larger than its male counterpart. House flies have a single pair of wings and are gray in color. Cluster flies are similar to house flies but move slower and congregate in groups. Fruit flies are smaller and tend to look brown or tan in color. 

Why do I have them?

Flies invade homes and commercial facilities in search of food and conditions that are ideal for breeding and living. They are notorious scavengers that will feed on meat, vegetables and garbage in and around your home.

Are they dangerous?

While flies are often considered a nuisance pest, they can also pose a serious risk. Flies contaminate food and spread diseases when they regurgitate liquefied food onto counters and work surfaces.

How do you get rid of flies?

Getting rid of flies permanently is impossible, but with the help of a professional pest control company, you can control and reduce fly populations on your property. Contacting Rose Pest Solutions at the first sign of a fly problem is the best way to prevent a larger fly infestation.

Can I do it myself?

Do-It-Yourself fly treatments and control methods are not effective in getting rid of flies and simply do not work, as the chemicals they use are not effective. Remember – if misused or mixed improperly, pesticides can be very dangerous to people and pets.

How soon can you get here?

Contact your nearest Rose Pest Solutions service center immediately for an appointment.
In many cases, we can respond within 24-48 hours.

Is the treatment safe?

Rose Pest Solutions follows very strict guidelines for the use of pest control products so that they pose no hazard to people, pets or plants. Every product we use has been checked and registered by the EPA and our highly trained service technicians will inform you of any safety measures that need to be taken.

How can I prevent this in the future?

Preventing flies can be very difficult because of the wide variety of food sources and breeding sites often found around homes and commercial facilities, so continued vigilance and treatment as required are the usual steps.  The most effective way to prevent these pests is to employ a pest control company that offers fly management services.


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